Parents and Friends Association

The P&F is an important part of St Robert’s school community. Over the years the efforts of the Association have advantaged every child in the school. New parents, in fact all parents, are urged to be active in the P&F and the functions organized by it at all times.

A vital form of communication is through the parents’ meetings which are held on a monthly basis or as otherwise required. The minutes of the meetings are displayed on the school notice board and details of upcoming events and other relative news are included in the weekly newsletter.


1. To promote and support the Catholic Education of children in the school.
2. To assist the Principal in improving the school and its grounds, maintaining the school library and equipping the school rooms.
3. To raise funds for teaching aids, amenities and general improvements.
4. To provide a forum where members may discuss matters of interest to foster the school community.
5. To provide a social focus for parents and others interested in the school.
6. To report and to liaise with the School Advisory Board.