We believe, that for evaluation purposes at St Robert’s School, the following strategies are utilised:


  1. I) Folders containing samples of children’s work are used to indicate the child’s development in language.
  2. II) Individual check-lists will be completed by teachers and information from them used to formulate an ongoing profile.
  3. III) Regular consultation will occur between staff members, staff and parents, and between staff, parents and children.
  4. IV) National Assessment Program- Literacy and Numeracy
  5. (NAPLAN) assessments for years 3 and 5 will provide information for students, teachers and parents about student achievement.
  6. V) Regular school based assessment tasks will be take place to assist teachers to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses
  7. VI) Whole school 'Assessment Weeks' will be timetabled (two times per year) across all classes to ensure that the identification of strengths and weaknesses of all students is maintained and assist in the planning for individual and group learning and teaching strategies.